Horoscope Scorpio October 2020

The Moon waxes on the 1st and 2nd and from the 16th to the 31st: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 2nd to the 16th: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 16th occurs in Libra, your 12th Solar House. Spiritual issues, dreams and visions are clarified as the month unfolds. No need to do anything special; the information will come. The Moon of the 2nd occurs in Aries, your 6th Solar House, giving you extra energy to achieve work goals.
A happy month in a happy year. The Sun moves into your own Sign on October 23rd, enhancing health and bringing career success. Jupiter, now firmly in the Sign of Cancer, is boosting self-esteem and bringing luck and prosperity. A rare Grand Trine in your native element of Water on the 27th and 28th brings overall well-being, a feeling of closeness to others, happy ESP experiences, prosperity and financial opportunity – and perhaps a chance to travel.
Mars will move into Aquarius on the 27th. While this is great for love, speculations, creativity and intellectual interests, it could bring about volatile relations with family members or repairs/renovations to the home. Be more cautious with tools and avoid haste and impatience. Unexpected emotional reactions could surface; if you stay calm and take note, these will lead to deep psychological growth.
The planets are more or less evenly distributed between the east and west, highlighting a need to balance your interests with those of others. You are neither totally dependent nor independent. Sometimes – case by case – you will be one or the other. In financial affairs you seem more dependent on other people. In love and career matters you seem more independent.
Most of the planets are above the horizon, so focus on your career. Don’t worry, family obligations will come to the fore at the end of the month and you won’t be able to ignore them whether you like it or not. In the meantime, further your ambitions.
Many benefic planets are in your 12th House of Spirituality this month. Thus it is a good time to review the past year, take stock, correct past errors and set goals for the future. From the astrological perspective your ‘new year’ begins on your birthday. By that time you should be ready to look to the future. Power in the 12th House – and happy power at that – indicates pleasure and success in spiritual studies, meditative techniques and in charitable activities. Dream and ESP experiences will abound. Your personal psychic ability – perhaps the strongest in the Zodiac – gets even stronger.
Venus, your Love Planet, moves into your 12th House on the 15th. Thus love is more idealistic and universal. It’s a time for learning unconditional love. Singles find romantic opportunity in mystical surroundings – at meditation groups, spiritual gatherings, charitable functions. Psychics, astrologers and gurus offer you many revelations in the romance department.

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