Horoscope Scorpio October 2019

Last month the planetary power started to shift from the upper to the lower half of your Horoscope. The shift techni­cally began on September 29 and will become stronger on the 23rd of this month as the Sun crosses from the upper to the lower half. It is sunset in your year. The day is over with and it is time to prepare for the activities of the evening -time to shift attention from the career to the home, family and the emotional wellbeing. By the 15th the hectic activity in the career is finished: Mars leaves the career house and moves into the 11th house of friends. The career house will be mostly empty after that date (only the Moon will move through there on the 27th and 28th), and so it seems safe to downplay this now.
By the 23rd the planets will be in their maximum Eastern position for the year. Personal independence and power is at its maximum. Your mission now is to create conditions that are comfortable and pleasing to you. The cosmos desires your happiness. Take the initiative and create your personal Nirvana now. You have much support for this.
There is a Lunar Eclipse on the 18th that occurs in your 6th house of health and work. This shows job changes, changes in the workplace and in conditions of work. If you employ others there can be employee turnover now. This eclipse also announces major changes in your health regime and diet over the next six months. Since the Moon is ruler of your 9th house, every Lunar Eclipse affects students. There are important changes in their educational plans. There are shake-ups in your place of worship and in the lives of the people there. Avoid foreign travel during this period.
The family situation has been tense all year and this eclipse will most likely exacerbate things. Do your best not to make things worse than they need to be. Jupiter, your financial planet, is affected by this eclipse. Thus there are important financial changes happening. These will work out well in the long run, but in the short term they can be uncomfortable. Finances are challenging anyway until the 23rd, the eclipse only brings things to a head. Finances will improve dramatically after the 23rd.
Regardless of the short-term financial stresses, you are in a year of great prosperity. These are just bumps on the road. If you use them correctly, you will actually increase your prosperity.
Health is good this month. But you can enhance the health further by giving more attention to the heart until the 15th and to the small intestine after that.