Horoscope Scorpio November 2021

Predictions Scorpio November 2021

Eighty per cent of the planets are moving forward this month, and the two that are retrograde don’t affect you overly much. Most of the planets in the Eastern sector and this, along with the Sun and Venus occupying your own Sign, give you plenty of energy, drive and initiative to create your world as you desire it to be. Venus in Scorpio ensures that you will do so with grace and charm, not by riding roughshod over others. It also shows that you will create beautifully and artistically, and gain the co-operation of others easily – though you don’t really need them.
November is one of the happier months in one of your happier years. The Lords and Ladies of Luck and Fortune are solidly with you. Birthday presents are likely to be more profuse and more valuable than usual. Play the lottery some time this month – but with small amounts of money and by intuition. Buy (before the 21st) those articles of clothing or jewellery that you’ve coveted.
Your aesthetic sense is keen and purchases made now will be wise ones. Attend those parties and hit the nightspots – this is a month for entertainment and enjoyment.
The Sun and Venus are either in your own Sign or making good aspects to Pluto this month. Your personal appearance shines. You dress with style and elegance. Your personal charisma is strong and love pursues you ardently. Your lover cannot do enough for you. You get your way in love.
The Sun is also your Career Planet. Its presence in your own Sign indicates that your professional status is comfortable to you – good and successful – and that you wear your status like an article of clothing. It adorns your self-image. It also indicates the favour of the powerful and the prominent – who are going out of their way to help you. You are happily ambitious now.
This is one of your best financial months of 2021. Jupiter, your Money Planet, finally moves forward after many months of retrograde motion. Stalled deals and financial projects move forward again. There is a new clarity in financial affairs. You know the direction you must take. Your financial judgement is sound. Investors are doing well. Assets or things which you own are suddenly more valuable. You earn more and you spend more.

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