Horoscope Scorpio May 2021

Predictions Scorpio May 2021

This is still no time for power struggles, undue self-assertion or going it alone. Pluto is still retrograde and most of the planets are in the Western sector. Continue to develop your social skills – tact, diplomacy, charm and the art of reconciliation. The Cosmos will reward you for your social skills now, more than for your personal talents or worth.
This month sees the first shift of planetary power from the lower half to the upper half of your Horoscope. Add to this the fact that two powerful planets are now retrograde in your 4th House of Home and Family and the message is
clear: Family and domestic projects need more time to develop; in the mean time you should start thinking about your career goals. As the months go by the upper half of your chart will get stronger and stronger and you will have a lot of power with which to help your career along. A move or renovation should definitely be researched further. Don’t do a thing until you have all the facts. As long as there are doubts, don’t move. The same applies to the purchase or sale of a home.
Though May is still a party month, the party is not as intense as it was in April. Love is more practical – two people helping each other in practical, everyday ways. Those of you involved in serious relationships might find this month a good time to pop the question – especially after the 20th. Singles have abundant romantic opportunities. Many of you are attending more weddings this month – marriages of friends, bosses and people involved with your career. There is great harmony and energy flowing between you and your beloved.
Your finances are stronger early in the month than later on. After the 21st don’t try asking for a pay rise or getting involved in financial disputes with your employers. Take care of these things before the 21st or wait until late next month. Those of you looking for work will find it through social connections. Those of you looking to hire staff will find them in the same way.

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