Horoscope Scorpio May 2019

Health is still delicate this month and it is probably good to take a more reduced kind of schedule. Two eclipses this month reinforce this need. This month give more atten­tion to the neck, throat and cervical vertebrae. Craniosacral therapy would be a good idea, as would neck massage. Problems in love can be impacting on the health as well. If problems arise, restore harmony in love as quickly as pos­sible. Health will improve after the 20th, but until then take it nice and easy.
The Solar Eclipse of the 10th affects you strongly, so avoid risky kinds of activities. Do what needs to be done, but re­schedule what you can. This eclipse occurs in your 7th house of love and marriage. Thus a current relationship will get tested. Be more patient with the beloved this period and try not to make matters worse. As we mentioned, it’s very important to keep the harmony in love. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the relationship per se, but problems in the personal life of the partner create stress. Business part­nerships get tested as well.
There are career changes happening too – shake-ups in your company or industry. Sometimes there is a near-death kind of career experience – something that seems like a disaster but, if handled properly, actually enhances the resume. Parents and parent figures need to reduce their workload too. There can be dramatic events in their lives these days. Mars, your work planet, is impacted by this eclipse, so there are job changes, changes in the conditions of work, and perhaps lay offs of fellow workers. Sometimes these aspects produce a health scare. The health regime will undergo dramatic change over the next six or so months.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 25th is more benign to you. It too impacts on the career, reinforcing the career changes we saw earlier. This eclipse occurs in your money house, so there are important financial changes happening. Some shake-up, some surprise occurs that forces you to change your strategy and thinking. These changes have long needed to be made, but now you are forced into it. Students make important changes in their educational plans.
Since the Moon rules your 9th house of religion, philoso­phy and metaphysics, important changes are going on here too. Your philosophy of life and your beliefs get tested -there is a ‘crisis of faith’. Beliefs get discarded or modified in light of new knowledge. Children and children figures are affected by this eclipse. They should be kept out of harm’s way this period. Let them spend more quiet time at home or close to home. They are apt to be more temperamental, so be patient with them.