Horoscope Scorpio March 2021

Predictions Scorpio March 2021

By the 4th March, the planets become fully shifted into the Western sector of your chart. Pluto, your Ruling Planet, is the only planet still in the East, and that starts to retrograde on the 8th. The message for the month is quite clear: Avoid power struggles, undue self-assertion and self-will. Put personal interests and desires on the back burner for a while and think of other people. Develop your social skills and graces. Tact, diplomacy and co-operation will bring success where self-assertion will not. This is not the time for attaining your goals independently.
Though your health is excellent, your self-esteem and self-confidence are not what they should be. There’s nothing wrong with you – you’re only experiencing some blustery cosmic weather.
Power in your 4th House this month, along with a dominance of planets below the Horizon of your chart, indicate the need to deal with family issues, create your stable home base, and in general to find and to work from your personal point of emotional harmony. Emotional harmony comes much easier this month.
With Venus (your Love Planet) moving through your 4th House of Home and Family, there is a lot of socializing with the family now. Family life, which has been unstable of late, can be harmonized now. Ruffled feathers can be smoothed, hurt feelings assuaged and relationships patched up.
The need to find emotional harmony affects your love life as well. You want nurturing from your love partner. Emotional support and the sharing of feelings are as important as the physical aspects of your relationship this month. Your lover needs to be Mummy/Daddy rather than a partner to you now.
Singles find love close to home and through family connections. Dates are more enjoyable at home than at a nightclub or disco. Romantic evenings at home further your love life. Love is still unstable and surprising right now, but the surprises are pleasant ones. Singles meet lovers suddenly and unexpectedly. There are many love choices available – either short-term flings or more serious romantic involvements. Choose what suits your needs at the moment.
Your finances are strong and there is luck in speculations and in creative projects. Money is earned in pleasurable ways.

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