Horoscope Scorpio March 2019

On February 18 you entered one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks, a time for enjoying life on all levels, a time for leisure and recreation. This lasts until the 20th. By then you will be ‘partied out’ and ready to get down to work.
When the 5th house is strong, people become more specula­tive. They are drawn to casinos, gaming rooms and lotteries. But this time speculations are not advisable, although they will become more favourable after the 20th.
If you have new products or ventures and still haven’t launched them, the 11th to the 27th is an excellent time for this. There will be a lot of cosmic power behind your efforts.
Love is good and romantic until the 22nd. Your love planet is celestially powerful so you and the beloved are capable of experiencing nuances in love that few mortals ever experience. If you are in a relationship you are having more fun with the beloved, enjoying the relationship and doing fun kinds of things. If you are unattached, love oppor­tunities happen in the usual places – resorts, parties, clubs and places of entertainment. Singles most likely are attract­ing non-serious kinds of people and seem OK with this.
You still need to work hard to achieve your financial goals until the 20th. Perhaps you are overspending on leisure activities. Children or children figures can be more expen­sive than usual. But things get much easier after the 20th. Job seekers had good aspects at the beginning of last month, and the aspects once again become good after the 20th. The job is perhaps not as enjoyable as you would like – perhaps you feel it is beneath you – but you are doing it and seem successful. Self-esteem and self-confidence could be better, but in a way it is good that the ego is weaker. Most of the planets are in the social West, and your way is probably not the best way these days. Adapt to others so long as it isn’t destructive.
Mars and Uranus travel together from the 18th to the 21st. Do your best to make the home safer. Keep dangerous objects away from children. Make sure your smoke detectors are functioning properly. Family members (especially a parent or parent figure) need to avoid temper, confronta­tions and risky kinds of activities.
Venus travels with Uranus from the 26th to the 29th. This will test a current relationship. If it is just a casual kind of relationship, it is in danger. Serious relationships will
survive, although the beloved will be more temperamental. Singles will have unexpected love meetings. Career changes or shake-ups are happening from the 27th to the 30th.