Horoscope Scorpio June 2021

Predictions Scorpio June 2021

Saturn’s move into Taurus on 10th June is a stressful aspect for you, but you probably won’t feel the repercussions this year. Jupiter’s fabulous aspect all year is nullifying whatever discomfort Saturn brings. Your cosmic holiday continues and when it’s time to deal with Saturn you’ll be well equipped to do so.
Saturn’s move into Taurus does complicate your love life, though. It creates all kinds of ambivalences and contradictions. Jupiter in your 5th House is saying, ‘Eat, drink, party and have love affairs, life is a lark.’ Saturn in your 7th House is saying, ‘Don’t you think it’s time you settled down and got serious? Don’t you know that relationships carry duties and responsibilities? That these duties build character and strength?’
So there is a part of you that wants to stay frivolous, footloose and fancy free, and another part that wants to be more selective in love, to limit your social life and focus on quality rather than quantity. This year the party side will probably win. But in the next year will be a different story.
Saturn’s move into Taurus also complicates family relationships – with parents and with siblings. This whole area is going to get re-ordered over the next two years. You will be forced to arrive at inner truth in these areas and to put everything in the correct perspective. Fantasies and false notions are going to be dispelled in the light of harsh reality. We all have these fantasies about people who are close to us. We tend not to see them as they are, because of our closeness and the baggage of past history that we carry. We either over-idealize them or demonize them. Saturn is going to bring truth to the situation.
Your health and vitality become more delicate now, but this month your energy levels are high.
Though your finances are wonderful all year, until the 21st they look stormy. Perhaps you are overspending or borrowing too much. The financial interests of your partner or spouse clash with your own. There is conflict here. But this is all short term. By the 21st earnings improve and conflicts get resolved.

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