Horoscope Scorpio July 2021

Predictions Scorpio July 2021

When some doors close, others open. This is the cosmic way. Increased retrograde activity indicates that family, domestic, personal and financial plans need to develop behind the scenes. Time, study and review will resolve these issues. In the mean time there is great power in your 9th and 10th Houses, showing that opportunities are opening up for foreign travel, higher education and your career. You might as well take them.
In spite of the increased retrograde activity this is a good month. You are generally optimistic in spite of delays and frustrations.
There is an inner core of you that understands what’s going on and rises above it. You are philosophical, above it all, keeping the faith. Your health is good until the 23rd, though your self-confidence is not what it should be. Avoid power struggles and undue self-assertion. Rest and relax more after the 23rd.
Career opportunities – very harmonious to you – are opening up this month. Once you grasp the Higher Law – the Principle – behind a career problem or need, the rest happens automatically. There is some philosophical issue or principle that is going to be revealed to you that boosts your career.
In a flash you understand the ‘how and why’ of a thing and know how to proceed from there. The actual career advancement is just an anti-climax. Job-seekers as well as employers enjoy good success after the 6th, each according to his need.
Moves or changes in your current residence need more thought and research. Study these things carefully and don’t make a move if there is any doubt in your mind. Likewise regarding the purchase or sale of a home. Investors are better off planning investment strategies rather than implementing them. Research and review your current portfolio. Active trading should be avoided or reduced.
Love is a bright spot now – erotic, intense, passionate and tender. Feelings are easily hurt after the 19th, so be careful. Your tone of voice carries more weight than what you actually say. Love opportunities increase. Singles find love in foreign lands and with exotic foreigners. The sharing of higher thoughts and philosophy enhances romance.

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