Horoscope Scorpio July 2019

On June 27 Jupiter moved into a very beautiful aspect with both Neptune and Saturn. These aspects are in effect all month (and pretty much for the rest of the year). The aspect with Neptune shows luck in speculations. It might be advis­able this month to invest harmless sums of money on these things. Children and children figures in your life are pros­pering. Your personal creativity becomes very marketable these days. If you are a writer or teacher you earn more than usual from these things. A new car and new communication equipment is coming to you. Siblings and sibling figures have nice paydays this month and will enjoy financial increase for the rest of the year. Job seekers have beautiful opportunities from the 19th to the 24th. Finances are good, but there are a few challenges. Family responsibilities dent the bottom line. Perhaps there are some financial disagree­ments with family members.
The family situation does seem stressed. Perhaps the parents or parent figures are not getting along. But this is temporary. By the 22nd it passes.
On the 22nd the Sun crosses your Mid-heaven and enters your 10th house of career, initiating a yearly career peak. It’s a time for great progress and success. Next year your success will be even greater, but it is good now too. Let go of the family for a while; do what needs to be done but give your main focus to your career.
Your love planet Venus spends most of the month in the 10th house too, and this gives us many messages. Career is important, but so is your marriage or current relationship. This transit spells success in love – it is high on your prior­ities – and indicates a need to integrate the career and the social life. One merges into the other. You socialize more with people in your company or industry. You progress in your career by your merits but also by your social connec­tions. You are attracted to people of power and prestige. Often this aspect shows romantic opportunities with bosses or superiors or with people who are involved in your career. Mainly it shows that as you follow your career path, love will await you. It shows that your spouse, partner or current love is also very ambitious these days and seems very successful. He or she is supportive of your career goals.
Health is good until the 22nd but after that becomes more delicate. So, as usual, rest and relax more, pace yourself, and do your best to maintain high energy levels. Don’t allow ambition to push you beyond your physical limits. Until the 18th enhance the health in the ways mentioned last month. After the 18th give more attention to the stomach. Women should give more attention to the breasts too. Diet is more of an issue these days. Most importantly, there is a need for emotional equilibrium – peace and harmony in the feeling body.