Horoscope Scorpio January 2021

Predictions Scorpio January 2021

All the planets with the exception of the Moon (and that for only half the month) are in the lower, subjective half of your chart, showing that this is an inner-orientated rather than outer-orientated month. You are vitally interested in the family and emotional issues, in finding emotional harmony and being in touch with your feelings. With 90 per cent of the planets moving forward you are making great strides here. You are more ambitious for others – probably family members – than you are for yourself.
Three Houses of your Horoscope are important this month and will probably take up much of your time, attention and energy. These are your 2nd House of Finance, 3rd House of Neighbours, Siblings and Intellectual Interests, and 4th House of Home and Family.
Your 4th House is most active. A move or renovation is brewing. A fortunate sale or purchase of a home is likely now. Some of you are buying second homes. There is much to do with children – especially later in the month. Some of you have recently given birth, others are having children over to visit or stay. Your house is looking more of an entertainment centre than a home. There is much socializing with family members.
Your earning power is strong and there is a lot of emotional enthusiasm and family support for your financial goals. Those of you looking for work can find it through family connections. Perhaps a job opens up in a day care centre, restaurant, home furnishings store or a estate agent’s office.
Love and romance seem unimportant this month. The retrograde of your Love Planet, Venus, shows a need for more caution in love. Your social grace is not up to par. Relationships seem to go backwards instead of forwards. For singles, the romantic opportunities that open up now – close to home, in the neighbourhood and perhaps with someone from your distant past – are not likely to last. They seem more like flirtations than real romances. Enjoy them without making any commitments.
Rest and relax more after the 20th.

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