Horoscope Scorpio January 2019

The year ahead is very much a communication kind of year – a year for learning, studying and teaching, a year to expand your knowledge base. And this month your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests is easily the strongest in the Horoscope until the 19th. The mind is sharp and clear. It absorbs and communicates information easily. It’s a great month for students. If these aspects happened for a different sign – say Gemini, Libra or Aquarius – your phone and texting bills would be sky high. But Scorpio is not much of a talker by nature so these should be reasonable. However, you are talking much more than usual.
The main health danger this month is a hyperactive mind that refuses to quieten down. It goes on and on and on like a machine, which can drain energy that the body needs for other vital functions. So you need to keep a lid on this. Turn the mind off when not in use. Meditation is a big help for this.
Health is basically good until the 19th, but afterwards you need to rest and relax more. Vitality is not up to its usual standards. Enhance the health in the ways mentioned above and also give more attention to the stomach and breasts (for women). Diet is more of an issue this month and the stomach seems more sensitive than usual. You seem very involved in the health of family members, perhaps more than with your own health. Family harmony is very imporĀ­tant as problems in the family can impact on your own health. If this happens (God forbid) restore the harmony as quickly as you can. Alternative, experimental therapies seem powerful for you this month.
You begin your year with most of the planets below the horizon in the lower half of the Horoscope. Career can be downplayed now. Give your attention to the home, family and your emotional wellbeing. Work on your career by interior methods like visualization and feeling having your goals realized. This is daydreaming but controlled, conscious, wilful daydreaming. Your real career right now is your family and emotional life, especially after the 19th. Until the 19th it involved education, writing, sales, marketing and communication. Pursuing outer career goals from home also seems likely this month. Now, with all the modern technology available, one can be just as effective working from home as in the office.
You are in a strong period for launching new projects or products. Both your personal and universal solar cycles are in their waxing phase. The planetary momentum is forward this month and the Moon will wax from the 10th to the 27th. This is the optimum time to launch those new projects.