Horoscope Scorpio January 2018

You begin your year with most of the planets in the independent, eastern sector of the chart. This is soon to change after the 20th, but until then you have your independence and should use it to create things the way you want them to be. After the 20th, and for many more months, it will be more difficult to change things. So now is the time.

You have just come off a yearly financial peak (last month) and your interests have shifted to the ‘pleasures of the mind’. Your 3rd house is powerful until the 20th. But with your financial planet still travelling with Uranus until the 22nd, finances are very exciting and very good. This aspect brings sudden wealth – sudden material good – big, expensive items come to you. You spend largely but earn largely as well. Your appetite for risk – which has been strong for some months now – gets even stronger as Jupiter moves into Aries. Gaining wealth is not a chore these days, but a great adventure. New starts-ups, new ventures are Very appealing now. For the next few months – until June 4 YOU are learning financial fearlessness.

Health is basically good this month. But after the 20th, rest and relax more. This is a short-term period where your vitality and overall energy are not up to their usual standards. You might feel aches, pains or twinges, but there doesn’t seem to be anything seriously wrong. When your normal vitality returns, these discomforts vanish. No need to panic now.

Love was good last month and still seems good. Love and social opportunities pursue you and there’s nothing special you need to do. You look great – glamorous, stylish – and others take notice. Your spouse, partner or current love is very involved in your finances after the 7th, and in a very supportive kind of way. There will be opportunities for business partnerships or joint ventures. You have rich friends, and they seem supportive. You can enhance your financial picture by social means – by attending or hosting the right parties. Job-seekers meet with wonderful success after the 22nd, likewise those who employ others. There is an expansion of the workforce happening (how stable this will be is another story, but for now there is expansion going on).

A solar eclipse on the 4th occurs in your 3rd house and affects siblings (or those who play that role in your life) and neighbours. Neighbours move and new ones come in. There are dramatic changes in the neighbourhood. There are dramas in the lives of siblings, parents, parent figures and bosses. Perhaps there is a crisis in local government where you live. Every solar eclipse brings career changes, and this one is no different. The changes need not be ‘bad’ – but are dramatic and often disruptive.
Since 80 (and sometimes 90) per cent of the planets are below the horizon, career is not that important right now. You are in the ‘night-time’ of your year – approaching the midnight hour. So career changes will probably be internal ones – how you think and feel about your career, how you strategize about it – rather than overt kinds of changes. But these internal changes lead to outer changes – they are the first step along the way.

Horoscope 2018

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