Horoscope Scorpio February 2021

Predictions Scorpio February 2021

Ninety to 100 per cent of the planets are below the Horizon of your Solar chart, indicating that you are more interested in feeling well than in doing well. Inner success is more important than outer success. The mysteries of the inner life are more interesting than the mysteries of the outer one. Creating a stable and harmonious home is your highest priority now.
The planetary power is shifting ever more Westward month by month, showing greater social concern and interest. Independence of action is becoming more difficult, but co-operation with others will bring results. Your ability to co-operate with others – to gain their favour – is very much strengthened after the 5th when Venus starts moving forwards again.
One hundred per cent of the planets move forward after the 5th, indicating that this is month of forward momentum and progress. If you stay loose and relaxed the positive changes will happen to you rather than because of you. You are carried forward on a current of progress. Clear inner goals will guide you as to when you want to get off the current and enjoy your success.
Your love life is very much improved; by the 5th problems in a current relationship should have resolved themselves. Singles find love close to home. Relations with siblings are clarifying and improving.
Your career is most interesting this month. You want to pursue career objectives in ways that are harmonious to your family and emotions. Many of you want to work out of the home – from an office in the home or in family type businesses. The property field allures many of you. Some of you want to work with children or in industries that cater to children. The Solar Eclipse of the 26th is going to cause a job or career change. The flaws in your present career will be revealed and you will be forced to make hard choices. Relations with a parent are also affected by the eclipse. When the dust settles it will be clear what to do.
Your health and vitality are not what they should be until the 20th, so rest and relax more. Super-abundant vitality returns after the 20th.

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