Horoscope Scorpio February 2018

Home and family are still the main focus and headline for the coming month. Your 4th house is very strong until the 23rd, while your 10th house is basically empty (only the Moon visits there on the 16th and 17th). So you need to be there for the family – serve them by being there for them. Pursue your career through interior methods – through meditation, visualization, creative dreaming and fantasizing. Get into the ‘feeling’ (on the inner level) of being where you want to be in your career.

This is the time to get psychologically ready for your future success. It is good to review your past now and resolve old issues. This usually happens on an unconscious level anyway. Old memories come up for resolution. If you are conscious as this happens, this is very useful – they bring much psychological insight. Memories that you thought were buried could still be acting in the ‘now’ and obstructing your future progress. And if you are unconscious of these things, you could be unconsciously ‘living in the past’ and not in the now.
With Mars and the Sun both in your 4th house (Mars until the 23rd and the Sun until the 19th), this is a good time to make those needed repairs and renovations in the home.

By the 19th the planetary power shifts to the 5th house and you enter a yearly personal pleasure peak. You are in party mode. Scorpios of appropriate age are more fertile now. Also, there is something cosmic about this ‘party period’. For once we have digested the past – the old memories and experiences that we have gone through – there is a natural feeling of happiness and creativity that enters the consciousness – the 5th house energy comes in.

Until the 19th your spiritual mission is the family. After the 19th it seems to be the children (or those who play that role in your life). You will discover – to your amazement -that you can advance your career while having fun, while involved in leisure activities. Those who are still contemplating their career will find that following their passion is not only the most enjoyable course, but also the most successful.

Love is happy this month. There is a happy romantic meeting from the 7th to the 9th. For the unattached this shows a meeting with someone new. For those already attached it shows enhanced closeness and romance with the beloved – and probably happy social invitations as well. But love and romance are not a major interest these days, and most of you seem content with the status quo. Most of the love that happens now is ‘not serious’ – entertainment -flings.

Health, as mentioned, improves dramatically after the 19th. You have all the energy you need to achieve whatever you want. You can enhance your health even further by paying more attention to your ankles and calves (until the 23rd) and to your feet (after the 23rd). Regular massage of these areas would be wonderful.

Horoscope 2018

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