Horoscope Scorpio December 2021

Predictions Scorpio December 2021

As the month goes by the forward momentum of the planets increases. By the 11th, 90 per cent will be moving forward; by the 29th, all of them will be moving forward. Another month of ever-greater progress and achievement. Your life is progressing as it should.
Though this is an excellent financial period, be cautious about new investments or purchases until the 11th. Mercury is retrograde in your Money House. Before then financial opinion is likely to reverse itself. After the 11th stalled payments or deals will move forward again. Money-making is more important than prestige or status during this period. Success is measured in financial terms. Your lover, partner and social contacts are very helpful in the attainment of your financial goals. Money is earned pleasurably. Your financial integrity is strong and increases your stature and status in your profession.
There’s nothing you need do to find love this month as it is finding you, chasing you ardently. All you need do is accept it when it comes. (Probably it is already here.) There is great harmony between you and your beloved this month – a synchronization of interests. Love finds you as you pursue your normal financial goals. Romantic opportunities abound at the bank, the broker’s or financial planner’s office.
The Cosmos knows how to create romance in the most mundane places. Love is physical and material early in the month.
Erotic pleasures and the exchange of gifts are a turn on. Financial talk turns you on too. Later in the month love becomes more intellectual. There is a need for intellectual communion and the sharing of ideas. You want someone you can talk to. After the 11th, love is in your neighbourhood, perhaps with neighbours.
The planetary power is still very much in the East now, so you are getting your way and people are adapting to you. You have plenty of energy and initiative to build your life the way you want it to be. There is no conflict between pleasing others and pleasing yourself.
There is more partying during this holiday season than in past years. Gifts received and given are larger than usual. Bonuses from work are likely to be generous. Relations with children are good, as is your personal creativity. Speculations are favourable, though more so after the 22nd than before.

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