Horoscope Scorpio December 2019

Another hectic, active, frenetic kind of month. There is turbulence in the world at large, especially after the 8th. Your life is basically good, but you can be affected indirectly by these things.
Health is good, but we see more dramatic changes to the health regime happening this month. The Lunar Eclipse of October 18 indicated this, as does your health planet in opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto. Job changes could be happening too, either actual job changes or changes in the workplace or conditions of work. It seems very volatile and insecure right now. Those who employ others are also experiencing instability with their workers.
The financial trends are pretty much as we described last month. You are still very much in a prosperity cycle. Jupiter, your financial planet, is still retrograde. So refer to our discussion of this last month. Finances become more chal­lenging after the 21st. But these challenges and complica­tions seem to be coming from prosperity rather than lack. Prosperity can be as stressful as lack, but of the two prob­lems, the former is the better one. Finance is the major focus until the 21st. The Moon of the 3rd in your money house and this should clarify the financial situation. Clarity is what you most need right now, although real clar­ity won’t happen until Jupiter starts moving forward again in a few months. Your finances are under review. This is the time to see where improvements can be made. When Jupiter starts moving forward you will be in a good position to implement your plans.
On the 21st, as the Sun enters your 3rd house, your focus shifts to communication and intellectual interests. These have been important all year, but now even more so. For students (especially below college level) this indicates suc­cess in their studies. Grades should be better than usual. The mind is sharper and clearer and retains information better. It’s a good period for writers, journalists, teachers and sales people too. Their skills are enhanced.
Love has been good the past few months. In September and October love was pursuing you. Last month, from the 5th onwards, love was found (for singles) in the pursuit of financial goals. Material wealth was a turn on in love. This month it is mental compatibility that attracts. Love is about good communication, the sharing of thoughts and ideas. You
need to love the mind and thought process as much as the body. Love is found close to home this month – there’s no need to travel far for it. Venus in Capricorn shows more caution in love. No need to rush into things too quickly. Venus’s rare retrograde on the 21st reinforces this need for caution. Date, enjoy, but avoid making major commitments.