Horoscope Scorpio August 2021

Predictions Scorpio August 2021

August is a month of uncertainty and change. For one thing the planets are just now shifting to a new sector of your Horoscope – from the West to the East. This signals a shift in your basic attitudes, from dependence on others to independence, from adapting to things to creating your own conditions. But while the shift is going on there is a halfway house of confusion. Many retrogrades this month also slow things down and create uncertainties. Two eclipses – unusually powerful in your chart – add more change to the recipe. And last but not least, your health and vitality are not up to your usual standards. You need to rest and relax more so that you will have enough energy to take advantage of the opportunities that change will bring.
Take things day by day this month. Let the ‘art of the possible’ be your guide. On any given day some things are possible and some not. Do what is possible and let all else go. Tomorrow new things will become possible and you will be able to do those. Getting through the day in a healthy, good state should be considered a success.
Your financial life is still complicated, though your basic earning power is strong.
There is no real financial lack in your Horoscope, but you may feel frustrated at blocked deals or stalled projects. With Pluto going forward in your Money House on the 16th, some of this lightens. Investors should review their portfolios and plan improvements. Important purchases or investments can be studied and analysed now, but wait a while for finalization. Don’t make a move until you are in a state of certainty.
Take a reduced schedule all month, but especially around the time of the eclipses – from the 6th to the 9th and from the 20th to the 23rd. If you don’t absolutely have to do a stressful activity, then don’t do it. Reschedule it for another time.
The Lunar Eclipse brings home and family changes. Perhaps a move, repairs or renovation. Upheavals with family members reveal hidden resentments which should be corrected where possible.
The Solar Eclipse brings career changes and perhaps an upheaval with a parent or parental figure. When the dust settles your career path will be more clear and probably improved.

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