Horoscope Scorpio August 2019

On July 22 the planetary power began shifting from the West to the East. This month the shift gets stronger as Mars and Mercury also cross from the West to the East. You are jentering a period of personal independence that will get stronger in the coming months. Now it will be much easier to shape conditions and circumstances to suit yourself. With Pluto still retrograde the challenge is not about power but about mental clarity, being clear as to what you want to create for yourself. Light always precedes creation. Get light.
Get clarity. Then proceed with your creation from that space.
You are still in the midst of your yearly career peak. Success, advancement and opportunity are happening. Mars crosses the Mid-heaven on the 28th and this shows that you are earning your success through hard work. Your work ethic attracts the notice of your superiors. Mercury crosses the Mid-heaven on the 8th and this shows that friends are succeeding and supporting the career goals. Your hi-tech expertise is very important.
Finances are still great. Your financial planet is part of a rare Grand Trine in the Water signs. There is luck in specula­tions. Children are prospering. Sales people make important sales these days. You are on a roll. Like last month, though, there is still a need for financial compromises with family members.
Health still needs attention until the 22nd. Enhance the health by giving more attention to the stomach, which seems more sensitive these days. Women should also give more attention to the breasts. There are pressure points on the feet that energize the breasts and body massage will also strengthen them. Pay more attention to the diet as well. Like last month emotional tranquillity is important. A short-term disturbance will probably not matter too much, but if it is prolonged, good health can be impacted. Do your best to keep your moods positive and constructive.
Love seems good until the 16th. There is harmony with the beloved and happy social meetings. The only problem now (and you need to pay special attention to this) is being too perfectionist, too critical, too analytical. This attitude tends to kill any feelings of romance. Until the 15th love opportunities come through friends, groups and group activ­ities. Some friends want to be more than that. Some friends are playing cupid. Online social networking and dating sites also seem a likely venue for romance. On the 16th Venus moves into Libra, which is a much better position for love than Venus in Virgo but she moves into an adverse aspect with Pluto, your ruling planet. So there is conflict and disagreement with the beloved. While you might find it easier to express feelings of love under this aspect, the disagreements cloud the picture. It will take more work, more effort (on both sides) to transcend the differences. It can be done however.