Horoscope Scorpio April 2019

A Lunar Eclipse on the 25th occurs in your own sign, so reduce your schedule during this period as you will feel the eclipse strongly. Do your best to keep children and children figures out of harm’s way. Over the next six months you will be redefining your image and personality – your whole look and outer demeanour. This needs to be done periodically, but often it takes an eclipse or some other kind of shock to force us into it.
Self-esteem and self-confidence are much weaker this period – even more so than last month. The Lord of your Horoscope, Pluto, goes retrograde on the 12th, and Saturn is in your own sign. Most of the planets are in the West and entering their maximum Western position, so a low profile is in order. Too much self-assertion is not advisable, nor is it easy for you. The planetary power flows away from you and towards others. So, let others have their way now.
It is good every now and then to take a vacation from the ego and its desires. This is the kind of month where your perspective gets widened. You are part of a larger whole and it is the cosmic concern with the wellbeing of the whole that temporarily downplays your personal importance. Adapt to situations as best you can. If they are unpleasant, make a note of what needs to be changed and when your period of personal independence comes (as it will) you will more easily make the changes.
On the 19th you enter a yearly love and social peak. Love seems very good whether you are married or single. Singles are dating more and meeting romantic partners. Marriage itself is not likely this month, but you will meet people you would consider marrying. Those who are married – and many of you married in the past year or two – are having more harmony and romance within the marriage. Venus makes a very beautiful aspect to Pluto from the 23rd to the 26th. This would show an important romantic meeting or romantic experience. But it seems a bit complicated: Saturn is in the picture. There is uncertainty about this relationship. You might be feeling blocked from showing your true warmth and love. You (or your partner) seem more inhib­ited. It’s very important to make conscious efforts to show love and warmth to others this period. It will not happen naturally.
The social life seems varied and interesting. You are mingling with people of status and power, people who might be celebrities in your world. These connections will help the career. There are athletic types and the ‘beautiful’ people, also doctors and health professionals. All these types attract you and there are romantic and social opportunities with all of them.
Finances are OK this month. They are better before the 19th than after, but they are still OK – no disasters happening.
Health is more delicate after the 19th. Happily your 6th house of health is strong all month and so you are pretty focused here. The most important thing, as always, is to maintain high energy levels. Until the 15th give more attention to the kidneys and hips. From the 15th onwards give more attention to the lungs, small intestine, arms and shoulders. The neck and throat are important all month.