Horoscope Sagittarius September 2021

Predictions Sagittarius September 2021

Many planets are in stressful aspect to you, Jupiter is retrograde, and a powerful Lunar Eclipse occurs on the angles of your chart this month. All this indicates that you need to rest and relax more – especially from the 4th to the 7th. You will have all the energy you need for what must be done, but little to spare for frivolities and vanities. If you are an executive or are self-employed, delegate more authority during this period. If you work for others, focus on priorities and let inessentials go. This holds true particularly during the time of the Lunar Eclipse (6th September). If there is no pressing need to do something, don’t do it. If it is possible to reschedule it, by all means do so.
There is a lot of action at both the top and the bottom parts of your chart now. Both your home and the career are being activated. Your career is active and good. Good progress is being made. Superiors favour you. Modest pay rises or promotions are likely. A little self-promotion and accentuation of your positives won’t hurt, but avoid destructive criticism and back-biting. You are in one of your best career periods of 2021.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 6th shows long-term changes in the home or with family members. If there have been
creatures of the underworld lurking in secret – mice, termites, woodlice and the like – they will come out now so that you can deal with them. They love to come out during an eclipse. If there are other hidden flaws in your house, such as problems with your landlord or structural defects, these too will reveal themselves now. Some of you might decide to move during this period.
Relations with family members – especially your parents – could be fraught. But all this will pass and the final outcome will be positive.
Don’t make too much of your dream life during this eclipse period. Much of what is coming out represents old, unproductive images and feelings that your psyche wants to cleanse itself of. Little more than psychic rubbish.
Though your career goes well, finances are on hold. Avoid making major purchases or investments until you arrive at a feeling of certainty. Doubt is a signal to do more research.

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