Horoscope Sagittarius October 2021

Predictions Sagittarius October 2021

Eighty per cent of the planets are in forward motion after the 18th, and most of the planets are now in your Eastern sector of the self. You are having things your way, creating your own success and making good forward progress. A month of achievement and attainment.
Though Mars is considered one of the cosmic Bad Guys, as Ruler of your 5th House it is good for you. It brings luck.
happiness, creativity and love affairs. When well aspected it brings luck in speculations. This month it crosses your Midheaven of career, indicating sudden advancement – sudden promotion – sudden success. Those of you involved in creative projects, or who are artists, musicians or actors, are now recognized in your industry and by the general public. Each according to his or her level and preparation.
A lover achieves career success now, as does a child whom you know.
A current love affair is under public scrutiny. Flirtations with bosses and/or superiors are likely now. Lovers and children boost your own career standing.
Your social life is active and good this month. Social success is happening on all levels – in friendship and romance. Singles find love at professional meetings and seminars and through organizations to which they belong. Love starts out as friendship and develops from there. Love is loose, free and uncommitted. After the 12th, though, things change. Love becomes stormy, passionate, intense, possessive. Love fantasies can either enhance or destroy a current relationship. Keep them constructive.
Relations with friends are stable and harmonious.
Your health is excellent all month, though your self-confidence is not what you are used to. Your health can be further enhanced through group activities – such as group exercises at the gym or team sports.
Your finances are more delicate now as there are many contradictions going on in you. You are wavering again between your speculative, risk-taking self and your conservative, cautious self. Continue to study all major purchases and investments closely. There is no financial lack per se, only some confusion.

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