Horoscope Sagittarius October 2019

The main headline this month is the Lunar Eclipse of the 18th. Its affect is strong on you as it impacts on Jupiter, the Lord of your Horoscope. Take it nice and easy that period. This eclipse occurs in the 5th house and impacts on children or children figures in your life. Do your best to keep them out of harm’s way. Let them avoid risk-taking activities and spend more quiet time at home. Speculations are best avoided that period as well. Since Jupiter is affected you are going to once again redefine your personality, image and self-concept. Things that were not attended to after the eclipse of May 25 will get attended to now. Like every Lunar Eclipse, this one brings encounters with death – not neces­sarily literal death, but psychological encounters. Sometimes this happens through personal near-death kinds of experi­ences or surgery.
Your 11th house of friends became powerful on September 22 and is powerful until the 23rd. It is a social kind of month. Not necessarily a romantic period – though romance seems much happier than last month – but more about friendship and group activities. The 11th house rules friendships of the mind, while the 7th house rules friend­ships of the heart. So this is a good month to reconnect with your friends and to get involved in group kinds of activities. New friends are coming into the picture too. Your circle of friends expands these days. (This can be on the physical level or in the online world.) It’s a good month to upgrade your technology, your software, computers and gadgetry, and also to take courses or read books on science and tech­nology. Astrology and astronomy become more interesting.
On the 23rd you enter a more spiritual period. Your 12th house of spirituality becomes the strongest in the Horoscope. Spiritual changes have been going on all year, but now they happen even more so. Your spiritual practice, your path, your commitment is being tested. You seem to be facing stiff opposition from the scientific community in your world, and also from siblings and neighbours. They don’t seem at all receptive to your ideals and practice. A true path, a true teaching, will easily withstand these challenges and the very attacks will actually strengthen the practice. But a teaching or path that is less true (or partially true) will have to be modified.
After the 23rd you enter into greater prosperity. Finances are super. The financial intuition is super. There are nice paydays happening.
Love is also much happier this month. Mercury will camp out in beautiful aspect to Jupiter from the 17th to the 26th. Singles will meet significant romantic partners. Those already in a relationship will have more harmony and more romance within the relationship. Mercury, your love planet, starts to retrograde on the 21st, so avoid making important love decisions after that date. There’s no need to rush love (or career matters); let things develop as they will. Your work should be to attain to clarity.