Horoscope Sagittarius November 2021

Predictions Sagittarius November 2021

Though most of the planets are moving forward this month, the two which are retrograde are key planets in your chart – Saturn and Mercury. So, though the overall month is good, and though most areas of your life are moving forward, you must be more patient when it comes to love and finance.
Though your earning power is strong – especially after the 22nd – Saturn’s retrograde shows that certain long- term financial projects are still bottled up or moving very slowly.
Investigate all investments and purchases more thoroughly, and decide how you will manage what you already have. It’s a good idea now to study how professional money-managers allocate assets, and the role that numbers and mathematics play in this.
Though you have seldom looked as good as you do now, and though your personal charisma is strong, love gets complicated after the 21st. Those of you planning a wedding should schedule it before the 21st. Likewise a divorce. Those currently involved in a relationship or who are developing a new relationship should bide their time now. Let love develop and be tested. Avoid commitments.
Your aesthetic sense is very strong, but it would be better to delay buying new clothing or jewellery until next month, when your judgement will be even sharper.
Jupiter, your Ruler, moves forward this month after many months of retrograde motion. Combine this with all the power in your Eastern sector and we sense a person with new-found confidence and independence. A person who knows his or her mind and the direction to take in life. There is energy to create conditions as you desire them, with little need to compromise. Approval from others will come in due course.
Your health and vitality are strong all month – and you’ll need them! The pace at home and in your career speeds up now, and you are boomeranging furiously between the two.
Good emotional support from your family will pull you through a power struggle going on in your company or business. Your spirituality and meditation practices will help you to understand the motives behind what is going on, enabling you to take more effective action. Psychics and astrologers are a help here as well.

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