Horoscope Sagittarius November 2019

A Solar Eclipse on the 3rd occurs in your spiritual 12th house. Uranus (both this month and last) is exactly square to your spiritual planet, Pluto. So the eclipse is reinforcing the changes that have been going on in your spiritual life all year, and especially in the past month. The gurus, ministers, or priests in your life – your spiritual mentors – are experi­encing dramatic, life-changing events, probably on a per­sonal level. But there are also upheavals and shake-ups in a spiritual or charitable organization that you are involved with. Personal finances also seem affected here. There are important financial changes. Probably you have been too pessimistic about finances or the economy. Your actual situa­tion is much better than it seems. Most likely you have to revise your strategy and planning. Students make important educational changes now (and over the next six months). There are dramatic events in the lives of the people at your place of worship. Legal issues will take a dramatic turn now and reach a climax.
Your house of spirituality was strong last month and is strong this month too, until the 22nd. This is a good period to achieve your spiritual and idealistic goals and for making spiritual progress. You are much closer to the spiritual, invis­ible world these days. You more easily access this world. Generally when the 12th house is strong, the dream life is more active and revelatory. This is so now, but around the eclipse period your dreams shouldn’t be trusted – the dream world (the astral plane) is upset by the energies of the eclipse.
A good travel or educational opportunity occurs be­tween the 12th and 14th, but give it more thought. If you do travel, allow more time for getting to and from your destina­tion. Spiritual healing is very powerful during that particular period, but the job situation seems unstable then. Be more patient with co-workers or employees.
Your love planet goes forward on the 10th so the love situation becomes clearer. It still looks very good. Mercury is trine to Jupiter on the 27th to the 29th, which brings good love meetings for singles and good career opportu­nities.
From the 25th to the 27th, Mercury travels with Saturn. This has some good points and some difficult points. You need to work harder to show love and warmth to others. Your normal sunny disposition might not be coming across as it should. However, it is a nice financial period and there are opportunities for partnerships or joint ventures. The current love seems financially supportive. Bosses, parents and authority figures are also supportive of your financial goals.