Horoscope Sagittarius May 2021

Predictions Sagittarius May 2021

The lower, subjective half of your Horoscope continues to be the most powerful sector – though not as strong as last month. Continue to focus on emotional harmony, feeling good and creating a stable home life. Bit by bit – this month sees the first inklings – the upper half will get powerful and you will be able to tap into vast power to further your career objectives – but not just yet.
After last month your home seems opulent indeed; more comfortable, more expansive, with perhaps new furnishings and art. The property market and family issues continue to be lucky for you.
There is also luck in the workplace until the 21st. Those of you looking for work or looking to hire workers enjoy great success. Employers are expanding their workforce this month. Staff are doing more and enhancing your bank balance. After the 21st you are lucky in love. Your social life flourishes dramatically and you must balance between two forms of happiness – family happiness and social happiness.
Always a lover of the foreign and exotic, this month you are more so. You attract foreign friends and romances. Romance could also happen in a foreign country. Love is very optimistic and expansive. Luck comes to you in the form of a man – someone prominent – whom you meet socially. Perhaps he is a teacher or professor. He could also be a sales or media person.
Though this is a good financial month, be careful not to overspend after the 21st. The only financial danger is from too much optimism, too much hubris, which can make you overlook obvious pitfalls. A financial windfall or opportunity comes your way on the 28th. Speculations continue to be favourable. Money comes in harmonious and enjoyable ways.
Your health and vitality are excellent until the 21st, after which you should rest and relax more. The main health danger comes from over-indulgence in the good life – food, drink and sex. All things in moderation. Problems with children could also be causing some physical unease – if so, deal with this before running to a health professional.

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