Horoscope Sagittarius May 2019

There are lessons we learn from self-reliance and personal independence, and there are lessons we learn from self-sacrifice and putting others first. In many philosophies and religious teachings, either one or the other is exalted as the ideal. Not so in the Horoscope. Both positions are equally valid; only at certain times we are developing one or the other side. Right now you are learning the lessons of self-sacrifice. Logically one would think that such an attitude would deprive you of your personal comfort or personal aspirations. Not so, as you are learning now. Your good will comes to you by the karmic law. The planetary power is now in its maximum Western position (this will be the case next month as well). At times like this you discover that you don’t even need to think about yourself. You don’t need to concern yourself with personal interests. These have all been worked out. Your job is other people.
Love is one of the main headlines of the month. On the 20th you enter a yearly love and social peak. Marriages or engagements are likely this month or next. Singles will meet special someones now. All the planets are aligned for love.
The other headlines are the two eclipses this month. The Solar Eclipse of the 10th is relatively benign to you as far as eclipses go. You have gone through many stronger ones in recent years. It occurs in your 6th house, which indicates job changes, changes in the workplace and instability in the workplace. In many cases it indicates a new job; in other cases it shows losing a job and getting another one. The status of the job situation is changed, and often by dramatic means. This aspect also generally produces important changes in the health regime or health scares. These changes will occur over the next six months. The Sun rules your 9th house of religion, philosophy and metaphysics. Students (at the college level or beyond) are most affected here. There are dramatic changes in educational plans or shake-ups in the schools they attend. Belief systems Рpersonal philoso­phies Рget tested now. Many beliefs will go by the wayside, and many will be amended or deepened.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 25th affects you more strongly, so reduce your schedule over that period, from the 20th onwards. This eclipse occurs in your own sign, bringing a redefinition of your body and image, of your personality and self-concept. In coming months, you will present a new look and new image to the world. The Moon rules your 8th house of transformation, thus there can be encounters with death (generally on the psychological level). As this will happen anyway, there is no need to tempt fate by indulging in risky kinds of activity. The family, and especially a parent or parent figure, gets shaken up by this eclipse – there are life-changing events happening there. Family members are likely to be more temperamental this period, so be more patient.