Horoscope Sagittarius July 2021

Predictions Sagittarius July 2021

Increased retrograde activity impacts many key areas of your life this month, though neither your finances nor health are affected.
The main headline for you is the retrograde of Jupiter, which begins on the 17th. Combine this with a preponderance of power in the Western sector of your chart and the message is clear: this is not the time for self-assertion or hyper-independence. This is a time for review, for cooperation with others, peacemaking and reconciliation. Use delays to plan improvements to your image, personal appearance and diet. Where possible, adapt to situations rather than trying to change them.
Personal uncertainty is a signal to study and research until a state of certainty is arrived at. Avoid making major moves when in doubt.
Writers, teachers, salespeople and students seem most affected by the retrogrades this month. Writers, teachers, and marketing people are better off planning their work than releasing it into the world. If you must do an important mail-shot or hold an important meeting or seminar, do so before the 31st or wait until later next month when Mercury goes forward again. Short domestic journeys should be limited, and always carefully planned. The rule is, if you don’t absolutely need to do something, reschedule it for another time – later next month.
Caution and analysis are also called for with any dealings in the home – buying, selling or redecorating particularly. Read all the fine print in the contracts. Ask questions. Don’t commit while in doubt about anything.
Relations with family members, siblings and neighbours are delicate now. Bide your time and let patience have its perfect way. Don’t make any final decision one way or another.
Foreign travel seems more fulfilling than domestic travel after the 23rd. There is great joy in education and religious issues.
Love is expansive and good all month. A current relationship seems so good – so much of a honeymoon – that you are both reluctant to take the next step. You want to stay in the honeymoon stage. Singles find love in places of entertainment, religious or education settings, or in foreign lands. Weddings or divorces should be scheduled before the 31st.

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