Horoscope Sagittarius July 2018

There is another strong eclipse on you this month – on the 1st. This eclipse occurs in your 8th house and thus shows dramas and upheavals in the finances of your spouse or partner. Like the eclipse on June 15, this eclipse brings issues involving inheritance, estates, taxes and insurance claims into dramatic forward motion. If they have been stalled or in abeyance, they start to move forward now. An eclipse in the 8th house often brings death scares – there is a need to confront death – usually on a psychological level. (No one dies before their allotted time.)

Sometimes it brings near-death kinds of experiences to you or those close to you. Sometimes surgery is recommended. Get a second opinion. This eclipse has an impact on Jupiter (the ruler of your chart) and Saturn (your financial planet). So there are important financial changes happening for you as well as for your spouse or current love. A good idea to be more mindful while driving, and to avoid risks during this period. Stressful activities that are elective are better off re-scheduled. As with every solar eclipse there are changes in educational plans, crises of faith, a testing of religious and philosophical beliefs, and upheavals and drama at your place of worship.

When the 8th house is strong, as it is this month (until the 23rd) it is good to detox the mind, the body and the home. It is a time to get rid of excess material in your life – excess possessions (things you no longer need or use), old mental and emotional patterns (that are no longer helpful to you). Purge the unnecessary out of your life and watch ‘resurrection’ happen in your mind, body and affairs.

Finances are stressed early in the month, but will improve dramatically after the 23rd. You just need to work harder than usual to achieve your earnings goals.
Health is much improved over last month, but take a reduced schedule during the eclipse period. You can enhance health even further by paying more attention to your lungs, arms and shoulders (until the 4th), the stomach and breasts (from the 4th to the 23rd) and the heart (after the 23rd). The right diet is important from the 4th to the 23rd.
This is a sexually active period. Regardless of your age or stage in life, there is more of this going on than usual. From a health perspective, overdoing is the danger (especially from the 4th to the 23rd). Listen to your body; it will tell you when enough is enough.

On the 23rd you enter Sagittarius heaven: The power shifts to your 9th house and the cosmos impels you to do what you most love – travelling, expanding your mind, getting more involved in religion and philosophy. You will be a teacher – a mentor – to those below you and a disciple to those above you.

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