Horoscope Sagittarius February 2021

Predictions Sagittarius February 2021

This is a fast-paced, exciting month for you, Sagittarius, just the way you like it. So many cosmic signals are indicating hyperactivity – great ferment and forward progress and changes. Jupiter, your Ruling Planet, is angular and thus more active and powerful.
It changes Signs on the 4th, from Aquarius to Pisces, indicating a major shift in your personal orientation and interests – a shift from a mental-intellectual orientation to one of feelings, moods and emotions.
It stands poised – balanced – between the Eastern and Western sectors of your Horoscope, indicating a need for you to be balanced between independence and dependence on others, between personal interest and the interests of others, between self-assertion and co-operation. Jupiter will not let you go too far in either direction.
Add to this the fact that 100 per cent of the planets are in forward motion after the 5th, and that a Solar Eclipse occurs on the 26th, and it would be safe to predict progress, change and excitement. Your nimbleness, flexibility and eternal optimism make you perfectly suited for this environment.
There are two important power points in your Horoscope this month: your 3rd House (Communication, Sales, Neighbours and Siblings) and 4th House (Home and Family). These are the areas which will take up most of your time and energy this month.
Many of you are moving or planning a move – this is a great month to do it. Moves and renovations of your existing home are good now. The fortunate sale or purchase of a home is likely. There is greater ability – and opportunity – to profit from property deals, either as an investor or as an employee. There is much more dealing with family members now, and family relations are improving day by day. With Mars in your 4th there is still a stormy, volatile element to these relations, but this in only temporary. Many women of childbearing age are probably knitting those little baby clothes now.
Though it will be difficult, try to rest and relax more after the 20th. You have a lot to do, but focus on what is most important and let the rest go.

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