Horoscope Sagittarius December 2021

Predictions Sagittarius December 2021

Every day the forward momentum of events intensifies. By the end of the month all the planets will be moving forward. Things are changing rapidly and life is exciting. Just the way you like it, Sagittarius.
Eighty to 90 per cent of the planets are in the East – the sector of the self. Also there many planets in your own Sign until the 22nd. Thus you are supercharged with energy.
Your optimism is boundless. You not only want to conquer this world, but all of inter-galactic space. You have the energy to do it, too. This is the time to create your own conditions and circumstances. Others are co-operating with and adapting to you. Don’t compromise now, don’t give in, stick to what you know is right. Push forward boldly to your goals.
Though career issues are delayed until the 11th, many positive things are happening behind the scenes. Career promotions and a general enhancement of your status are in the works. After due deliberation, and perhaps some back and forth changes of opinions, elders, parents and superiors are in your corner and give you what you want. It’s going to be tough, though, to balance your personal urges with family duties.
Your health is excellent all month. Dietary and fitness regimes go especially well until the 11th. After that you are more concerned with your financial health than with your physical health. A good sign, as you can take your health for granted right now.
The Sun, your 9th House Ruler, moves in your Money House on the 22nd, bringing financial luck, optimism and expansion. Assets you already own are suddenly worth more. Events in foreign lands have a positive impact on your portfolio. Profit opportunities open up with foreigners or in foreign lands. The how and why of a current goal is revealed to you, enabling you to proceed.
You earn more and spend more. Earnings will also come from work and from co-workers. Stalled deals and projects – or perhaps payments due you – start moving forward again after the 29th. By the end of the month your whole financial picture will be greatly clarified.
Love is chasing you all month. Just accept it. And enjoy!

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