Horoscope Sagittarius December 2018

There is another strong eclipse on you on the 10th (they seem to keep on coming relentlessly). Take a reduced schedule a few days before and after. This eclipse – a lunar eclipse this time – occurs in your 7th house and will test marriages, current relationships and partnerships in general. This is a repeat (in slightly different garb) of the solar eclipse of June 1. Long-brewing issues in relationships need to come up for cleansing and resolution. If the relationship is fundamentally sound, this cleansing will make it better – though while it’s happening the process is seldom pleasant.

Be more patient with your beloved now – try not to make things worse than they need to be. Every lunar eclipse brings financial change for your partner, spouse or current love, and this one is no different. There is a temporary financial crisis that forces long-needed changes. If you are involved with issues of inheritance, estates, wills, refinance or insurance, these start to take a dramatic turn one way or the other. Often one is forced to confront death and to come to a deeper understanding of it. Often there are dreams of death or near-death kinds of experiences. Sometimes one is told that surgery is required – but with the lack of a second opinion, this is not wise. (Surgery, too, is a kind of ‘near-death’ experience – a trauma to the body.)

You are still in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak (which began on the 22nd of last month). You are enjoying all the pleasures of the body. It is also a wonderful period to get the body and image in shape – to get these things where you want them to be. You are still in a period of maximum personal independence, so it is time to create conditions as you like them. Happily Jupiter will move forward on the 25th and you will be more clear about what to create.
Health is still good – though the eclipse period is temporarily stressful. You can enhance health further by paying more attention to your spine, knees, teeth, bones and skeletal alignment (until the 21st), and to your ankles and calves after then. Don’t allow financial ups and downs to drain your health. Take positive action when necessary and avoid financial worry or stress.
After the 21st, cultivate intellectual purity and mental health. Bad information not only causes pain and suffering in the outer world but can actually manifest as physical illness.
Happily, finances are strong this month. On the 22nd you enter a yearly financial peak. This period brings peak earnings.

Mars in your 10th house shows that you are working hard (and this has been the case since June) but you are fending off competitors, either personal or in your industry. Children are succeeding in their career. You can advance your own career through leisure activities – entertaining clients or participating in company or industry entertainments. A parent or parent figure’s marriage is being tested, as is yours.
Though career demands are temporarily intense – and you need to deal with them – your main focus should be the family and domestic situation.

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