Horoscope Sagittarius August 2021

Predictions Sagittarius August 2021

It would be a good idea to take a holiday this month. Your wanderlust is truly guiding you. With the increase in retrograde activity you probably won’t be missing much either at work or at home. And with your financial, career, social and domestic projects on hold for a while, needing more time to develop, you are better off just having some fun right now.
Though you are healthy, vital and brimming with energy, the world has slowed down. Delays are coming from others. Don’t let frustration or impatience get the better of you. Find good things to do. Travel, read books and pursue educational opportunities.
A word of caution about travel, though. Jupiter and Mercury are both retrograde at the same time for most of the month. Foreign travel seems easier and happier than domestic travel. But all the same, don’t schedule too tightly, and leave ample room for delays and glitches. If a journey is meant to take two hours, allow four. Study all holiday packages – prices, itineraries, destinations, hotel offers – very closely. Put essentials in your hand luggage to take on board with you; put only inessentials in baggage check. If you are driving, have the car inspected carefully before you leave. Invest in good maps. Take more spending money with you. Little things spell the difference between a good journey and an arduous one.
Though your health is wonderful, take a reduced schedule from the 6th to the 9th and from the 20th to the 23rd – the times of the two eclipses this month. Avoid needless travelling those days – schedule around them where possible.
Your finances seem tight until the 23rd, but improve thereafter. Though you are very speculative, now try to rein in those urges. All your financial dealings need study and review – especially after the 15th. Career issues improve and clarify after the 23rd as well.
The Lunar Eclipse shows long-term, and important, changes in schooling, journalistic enterprises and sales activities. But the eclipse is benign to you, which means that these changes will be positive ones. Upheavals will work in your favour (though it’s still a good idea to have your car checked over thoroughly).
The Solar Eclipse of the 22nd is also benign and also affects schooling (higher education), publishing and reli
gious activities. Some of you are going to graduate school, some of you are entering university and still others are changing their course of study at college.

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