Horoscope Sagittarius August 2019

Your 9th house became powerful on the 22nd of last month and is still powerful until the 22nd of this. This is Sagittarius heaven. No doubt you will be travelling this period. The doors are wide open. Sagittarians have a natural interest in theology, religion and metaphysics. In many cases it is not that developed, but the innate interest is there. So this is a month to go deeper into metaphysics and philosophy. There are philosophical breakthroughs for those who seek them. Good opportunities for higher education will also come and you should take them. If you are involved in legal issues, this is a good month to deal with them. Students (at college level or beyond) are successful in school. Those seeking admittance to college should hear good news too.
On the 22nd, as the Sun crosses your Mid-heaven and enters your 10th career house, you enter a yearly career peak. Mercury, your career planet (as well as love planet) moves into the 10th house on the 24th. Venus has been there since July 23 and remains until the 16th. So your house of career is packed with benefic planets. You have much help in the career and in the attainment of career goals. You have the support of friends, the current love, and the ministers and religious people in your life. This is a successful month in the outer world.
Until the 22nd prepare yourself. Take courses in subjects that will enhance your career, attend seminars and work­shops. Be willing to mentor those beneath you and to be a disciple of those above you. The authority figures in your life will make note of this. The love planet on the Mid-heaven shows many things. First, that love is high on your priorities.
Your marriage and relationship ranks right up there with your career goals. This is good for the love life. Your focus tends to spell success. This also indicates that you further your career by social means, by attending or hosting parties, and by making friends with the people who can help you. Your ability to get on with others and gain their cooperation (and you’ve had a lot of practice with this in the past year) is a major factor in your success. Your personal abilities matter of course, but not as much as your social skills. They play a decisive role these days.
Health is more delicate after the 22nd, so be sure to rest and relax more. Yes, you are very busy these days, but try to schedule breaks and rest periods. Don’t burn the candle at both ends or push the body beyond its natural limits.
Avoid speculations on the 1st and 2nd, and drive more carefully then (this especially applies to children of appropri­ate age). Also drive more carefully from the 18th to the 25th. Avoid risky, daredevil-type activities then too.