Horoscope Sagittarius April 2021

Predictions Sagittarius April 2021

Though you shouldn’t ignore your career completely, the action this month is at the bottom half of your chart, the half which deals with feelings, the home, emotional harmony and subjective experience. And what a good place it is! Two mighty geniuses of joy come together in your 4th House of Home and Family and conspire in your favour. Your home seems full of laughter and friends, filled with beauty and refinement, love and romance. Those of you who are moving house or redecorating (and many of you are) get a lot of voluntary help from friends. There are parties in the home.
Your aesthetic sense is finely tuned now and your home (and physical appearance) are your own personal works of art. A parent or parental figure is much happier right now and is generous with you. You’re getting fabulous emotional support from your family. Always an optimist, this month you are more so than usual. Your family circle expands.
People who are like family to you come into the picture. Friends are like family and family are like friends. You are hitting emotional highs which make career success pale in comparison.
Though your health and vitality are good, the only health danger is from over-indulgence in the good life. Over-optimism (and this is difficult to control right now) can lead to unrealistic judgement.
Even your love life is gradually straightening out. By the 20th, when Mercury goes forward, the direction of a current relationship becomes very clear. You know your next move. Singles have abundant romantic opportunity this month. Right now it is all fun and games – a honeymoon period – but it could develop into something serious. The important thing is to enjoy each romance for what it is without projecting too far into the future. There are no guarantees in life; enjoy the present moment.
Your finances are strong this month too. Money comes from the family or through family connections or from the fortunate sale of a home. Property speculations look especially successful. Speculations in general look good, but of course limit your risks. Personal creativity can produce a financial windfall now. A part of you wants to spend like there’s no tomorrow; another part is ultra-conservative. Don’t go too far in either direction.

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