Horoscope Sagittarius April 2020

The Moon waxes from the 1st to the 7th/8th and from’the 23rd to the 30th: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 8th to the 23rd: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends The Moon of the 23rd occurs in Taurus, your 6th Solar House. Clarity comes about work and health, the Moon of the 7th/8th occurs in Libra, your 11th Solar House, giving you extra energy to achieve social goals.
Though health is good ; this period, Saturn’s move into Gemini on the 20th is a long-term signal to take better care here.
Saturn’s move into Gemini is a move into your 7th House of Love and Romance, this complicates what has been an essentially happy love period. Perhaps you overdid the social thing; if so, Saturn is going to bring things into balance by showing you who your true friends really are and by testing a current relationship. If you under-socialized, Saturn will bring a’long-term, enduring relationship into your life.
Mars and Pluto – both go-go-go planets – are in your own Sign. Most of the planets (80 to 90 per cent) are moving forward. There
is great power in the Fire element this month — and this is your native element. Thus there is rapid progress towards your goals. But there is a tendency to rush things as well – and this could be a danger. You want things ‘yesterday’. You still excel in exercise regimes and sport. Your personal charisma and magnetism are very strong – especially until the 20th. But the urge to get your way – the martial spirit – could also throw a spanner into the works of your love life.
Most of the planets are still above the horizon of your chart and your Career Planet, Neptune, is receiving beautiful aspects this month. Focus on your career, go as far and as high as you can go, and let emotional and family issues go for a while. There will be much (and rapid) career progress this period.
Most of the planets are in the west, making this a very social month. You still need to cultivate the good graces of other people and can’t have things your own way (yet). Good comes from and through other people. But Mars and Pluto in your own Sign make you very self-willed; this could be a problem.
Your personal creativity is very strong and there is luck in speculations. Money comes through partnerships and social connections. A business partnership is forming. You are forging friendships with wealthy people.

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