Horoscope Rat 2018

The Year of the Dog starts on 4 February and will be a variable one for the Rat. In some areas of his life he will enjoy considerable good fortune while in others problems and pressures could loom and he will need to be careful. However, the Rat has an alert and canny nature and is often able to foresee problems before they arise or extricate himself from difficult situations, and this year his abilities will serve him well.
As far as his work is concerned, this will be a busy year. However, there will be good opportunities to make progress. In order to get the most from the year, though, the Rat will need to remain disciplined. This is not a time when he can afford to spread his attention or energies too widely or become distracted by lesser matters.

One of the Rat’s strengths is his ability to work well with others. With his personable manner, he is able to win the respect of others and this year again he will benefit by showing himself a good team member and taking chances to meet others. Not only will this help him in his duties, but if he needs support or advice on any matter, there will be many people he can consult. Also, there will be occasions when others are able to alert him to possibilities worth considering or to put in a good word for him. Over the year, the Rat’s many contacts and work friends can be of great help and value to him.
There will also be good opportunities for the Rat to make progress over the year, and he will often find himself in a strong position for promotion or to take on other responsibilities. Those Rats who are keen to extend their experience in other ways or who are looking for work will again find some of their contacts can be helpful. By talking over their situation with others (including employment advisers), they could be given suggestions worth following up. By actively pursuing openings that interest them, many Rats will find their initiative and determination serving them well. Admittedly, it could take several attempts before they make the breakthrough they want, but their tenaciousness will be rewarded. The Rat’s best prospects will generally be in the second half of the year, but April and the period from mid-August to November could see some good opportunities arising.

The progress the Rat makes in his work will lead to a rise in income and the Rat’s earning abilities in the Dog year will be strong. Some Rats may even be able to supplement their income with additional work or by putting a skill or hobby to profitable use. For the enterprising, the Dog year holds much promise. However, the Rat does need to be alert. If he enters into any important transaction or is considering anything of a speculative nature, he does need to check the details and, when appropriate, obtain advice. A risk or oversight could cost him dear.

This need for care also extends to the Rat’s personal life. In view of the busy nature of the year and sometimes considerable demands of his work, there will be times when the Rat will feel under pressure or preoccupied with his own concerns. Without care, there is a risk that strains or tensions could arise. If the Rat does sense his domestic life is beginning to suffer, he would do well to spend more time with others and share any concerns he might have. This will not only lead to a better understanding but also enable others to support and advise.

While the Rat will need to remain mindful of others, there will, however, be much to enjoy in his domestic life. It does mean a lot to him and over the year it is important that he gives time to others, is forthcoming and plays his usual full part in what goes on.
The Rat should also not allow his social life to suffer due to the other demands on his time. By keeping in contact with friends and setting time aside for recreational pursuits, he will again find his leisure activities doing him good as well as helping to keep his lifestyle in balance.

Overall, the Rat can certainly fare well over the year, particularly in his work. What he learns now will often lay the foundation for the success he will enjoy in following years. Financially, too, his prospects are promising, but despite these encouraging trends, there is an underlying need for care. This is a year for being thorough, staying alert and paying close attention to others. Particularly in his personal life, it is important that the Rat gives time to others and remains his attentive self. If he bears this in mind, however, this can be a busy and satisfying year.

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