Horoscope Rabbit 2018

The Year of the Dog starts on 4 February and will be a constructive one for the Rabbit. Over the year he will be able to build on his recent activities and make good headway, while his personal life is also favourably aspected. In his work the Rabbit’s prospects are especially encouraging. In view of his recent experience, he will often find himself in an excellent position to make important headway. For many Rabbits this will be with their current employer, which will allow them to benefit from their in-house knowledge and the good reputation they have built up. When these Rabbits see an opening or are offered greater responsibilities, they should seize the chance. This is very much a year for growth and for moving their career forward.

For those Rabbits who feel there are better opportunities elsewhere or that it would help their career to move to another employer, again the Dog year holds excellent prospects. By making enquiries and following up any openings that become available, these Rabbits will find their initiative and determination will often lead to them securing a position which can represent an important step forward as well as further their experience.
Similarly, for those Rabbits seeking work, either as the Dog year starts or during it, this is a time to follow up vacancies that interest them as well as draw on the help that is available. This can range from advice offered by employment agencies and professional organizations to retraining and refresher courses. Anything positive that these Rabbits can do to help their prospects can make a difference and many will secure what will be an interesting position. March, May, June and September could see important developments work-wise, but with the aspects so encouraging throughout the year, whenever an opportunity arises, the Rabbit should act quickly.

The progress that the Rabbit makes in his work will also lead to an increase in his income and some Rabbits could also benefit from some further financial good fortune, including a bonus, a gift or being able to supplement their income through a skill they have. The Rabbit’s financial prospects are certainly encouraging and this will enable many Rabbits to go ahead with plans they have for their home, as well as recreational pursuits and travel. The Rabbit will certainly enjoy the rewards of his labours over the year. He could also find it helpful to give some thought to his future and if he is able to start or add to a savings scheme or pension policy, in years to come he could be grateful for what he has been able to put aside.
The Rabbit will also derive much pleasure from his interests over the year, especially those which have a social element or allow him to draw on his more creative talents. By setting time aside for activities he enjoys, the Rabbit will not only find them rewarding but also a good way to relax and do something different from his usual daily activities. In addition, if he is able to learn any new techniques and skills that could help him to get more from his interests or can set himself an interesting project to do, he will find it giving his interest added purpose and meaning.

This will also be an important year as far as the Rabbit’s relations with others are concerned. Others do feel at ease in his company and over the year he will find himself in demand, with many invitations and chances to go out as well as opportunities to meet others. For those Rabbits who would welcome more company and are keen to build up their social life, the year is pleasingly aspected. By making the most of their chances and getting involved in various activities, they will find their social life improving and becoming more fulfilling as the year progresses.
For the unattached Rabbit the Dog year can also bring the chance to meet someone who can quickly become special. So encouraging are the aspects that many Rabbits will settle down with a partner over the year or become engaged or married. For personal relationships this can be a favourable and significant year. For meeting others and socializing, March, June to August and November will be busy and important months.
The Rabbit will also value his domestic life over the year and there may be good cause for a celebration. This could be an addition to the family, a wedding, graduation, career success or some other key event, but whatever happens, it will often be the source of great joy and may mean more to the Rabbit than others realize.

The Rabbit will also appreciate the support he is given by his loved ones, and by being open with his ideas and any concerns he will not only find himself benefiting from their ideas and advice but will also maintain the good rapport he enjoys with those around him. As far as his home life is concerned, this may be a busy and eventful year but it can be a rewarding one too.
Also, with this being a year for positive developments, some Rabbits will decide to move to new accommodation. Although this will involve considerable effort on their part, by setting about their plans in good time and using their organizational skills well, they will be pleased with how the move works out and the new opportunities it offers.
The Year of the Dog certainly holds encouraging prospects for the Rabbit, especially in terms of his career. His personal interests too can give him much satisfaction, while his social and domestic life will both see much activity and some pleasing times. Overall, much can go in the Rabbit’s favour in 2018, but to benefit he should be willing to move his situation forward. For those who act, the rewards, pleasures and achievements of the year can be significant indeed.

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