Horoscope Pisces September 2021

Predictions Pisces September 2021

Definitely rest and relax more this month, Pisces, and deal only with priorities. Especially be aware of the period from the 4th to the 7th, the time of this month’s Lunar Eclipse. This is a powerful one occurring in your own Sign, affecting your image, body and personality. Your personality gets redefined in a new way, partly as a result of all the success you’ve been having recently. Success can be as stressful as failure. The world around you – friends, acquaintances, family members, business associates – must adapt to your success. Some adapt more quickly than others. It would be best that you re-define your personality yourself and not leave that job to others. Flaws in the body or diet come up for correction. Long-term changes are being made to your personal appearance. Relations with children undergo a major change, part of which is likely to develop as a result of natural causes – a child reaches a new stage of development, or goes off to school, graduates university, or gets married. Still, adapting to the new order of things is hard.
The eclipse is also signalling you to take a lower profile, focus more on others and to attain your ends by consensus, co-operation and diplomacy. This is no time to be too independent or self-assertive, nor to engage in power struggles.
Love and romance is the major headline of the month. Your 7th House of Love is the most active House in your chart. Romantic opportunities are abundant. There is more party-going and attending weddings. The workplace seems the most active social area. Romance is likely with a coworker, employee or health professional. Love is shown in practical ways and is very much a partnership. Love is there for you, but you must pursue it. Don’t expect to stay home and have Mr or Ms Wonderful fall out of the sky into your living room.
With Pluto now moving forward and many planets making a shift from the lower to the upper half of your Horoscope, your career is blossoming and becoming ever more important. Furthermore, you have a clear idea of where things are headed and what you have to do. You still haven’t peaked yet, but you are headed for the peaks. Push forward boldly in your career.
Money comes from work this month.

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