Horoscope Pisces September 2019

The planets are still in their maximum Western position this month. The planetary power flows away from you rather than towards you. It is a time to focus on others. Some would say this is a time for ‘unselfishness’. You have no need to have your way. Go along with others this month. Their way is probably best right now. Cultivate the likeability factor as this is more important than personal abilities or merit for now.
Health still needs watching until the 22nd. The long-term planets are basically kind to you, so there is nothing major happening; it is just one of your more vulnerable periods in the year. Harmony in love and with friends is still very important all month. Discord here could be a root cause for health problems. Enhance the health by giving more atten­tion to the small intestine (and diet) until the 22nd and to the kidneys and hips after the 22nd. Health should improve after the 22nd. This is a hectic, active kind of month and you will have to be very creative to maintain high energy levels until that date. Dropping the non-essentials from the life liberates much energy, but this requires making tough choices and not everyone will be pleased.
You are still in the midst of your yearly social peak. Even when your 7th house of love weakens after the 22nd, the sign of Libra (which rules love and romance) will be power­ful. You tend to have a natural attraction to health profes­sionals and office romances, and this tendency is even stronger until the 22nd. Romantic opportunities not only happen in the usual ways – at parties and gatherings – but in the workplace, or as you handle your normal health goals. Until the 9th there is still a need to learn to bridge differ­ences with the beloved. If you can do this, you will have a very powerful relationship.
On the 22nd, as your 8th house of transformation becomes powerful, you enter into a sexually active period. Whatever your age or stage in life, libido will be stronger than usual. This is good for detox regimes on all levels -physical, emotional, mental and financial. The spiritual and physical circuits tend to get clogged and need a periodic cleansing.
Last month the planetary power began to shift from the lower to the upper half of the chart. It’s time to start focus­ing on the career and outer world objectives.
Though you are in a basically fortunate period in your life, money is earned through work this period. This is not the Horoscope of a lottery winner. A financial disagreement with a friend complicates the financial life, but it will pass next month.