Horoscope Pisces October 2021

Predictions Pisces October 2021

This is still very much a social month, especially after the 7th. Take a low profile, adapt to events and attain your ends through compromise and diplomacy. With Mars in your House of Love, be careful of offending others due to a short temper or impatience.
Eighty per cent of the planets are moving forward after the 18th – Neptune, your Ruler, is one of them. A month of progress, achievement and forward motion – but through others.
After the 7th all the short-term planets are firmly above the Horizon – the upper half – of your chart, indicating an interest in outward, career activities rather than in home, family and domestic life. Push forward boldly in your career – especially after the 23rd – but do your homework first.
This is a great month to eliminate the inessential and wasteful from your life. This includes financial waste, bad habits or addictions, or excess possessions. It is a month for pruning so that you can grow stronger later on. A month for making room for the new that will come into your life later this month and in November.
Love is active, aggressive and financially profitable. Lovers and partners are supportive of your financial goals. Social activities bring good financial connections. Partnership activities prosper. Introducing a new product or service through a party is a good idea. A business partnership is in the works and it looks good. Those of you who are in your own business are considering mergers and acquisitions this period. Investors profit as the companies they own are taken over or merge with others.
Be careful of treating your lover or spouse as another possession right now. Love can be stormy because of this. Singles have an inability to take no for an answer. The tendency is to sweep the beloved off his or her feet. Love is physical and erotic, passionate and intense.
After the 23 rd you enter into one of the happiest periods of an already happy year. There is much travel, optimism and good fortune. Your personal and career horizons widen. Happy educational opportunities come your way. There is a general sense of well-being – that all is right with the world.

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