Horoscope Pisces November 2021

Predictions Pisces November 2021

November is shaping up to be one of the happiest months in a very happy year. The Lords of Luck and Good Fortune are with you now. Career issues are straightening out and you are hitting the pinnacles of career success this month. People of prominence and power are seeking you out. Your talents are in great demand. You are travelling to foreign countries or involved on an international scale. Your work has a worldwide impact. You are a citizen of the world. Until the 22nd you are in a party period. You catch the lucky breaks and everything goes your way. Your health is excellent. After the 22nd, too much career focus stresses you out. Yes, success can be as stressful as failure. Try to rest and relax more and focus only on priorities.
In spite of your enhanced prestige, you need to go after earnings and earnings opportunities. Earnings depend on your social grace and ability to please others. Your partner or spouse is a big factor in this. Parties and social affairs help you to raise funds or make financial connections. You earn through others and tend to spend on others right now. The major financial challenge this month is the conflict between your prestige and earnings. Many of you feel that you are forced to earn money in ways that don’t enhance your prestige. You feel it is beneath you. Or perhaps the opportunities that come don’t suit your new career status. This situation will ease after the 27th. There is still a need to manage your resources better.
With your Love and Family Planet going retrograde on the 21st, bide your time in love and with family. If you’re going to move or marry, do so before the 21st. Give a current relationship time to develop. You are mixing with prominent and powerful people this month, don’t rush things.
Neptune, your Ruler, finally moves into your 12th House (Aquarius) for good this month. Always a spiritual person, intuitive, inspired and dreamy, now you are more so. Your ESP faculties, always strong, are now even stronger. The need to balance the spiritual and the material urges is your greatest challenge for the next few years.

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