Horoscope Pisces November 2018

The planetary power is very much in the upper (outer) half of your horoscope this month. After the llth, some 70 (and sometimes 80) per cent of the planets are above the horizon. Not only that, but your 10th house of career becomes powerful from the 23rd onwards. You enter a yearly career peak then. So, focus on the outer life, outer goals, and let family and emotional issues go for a while.
Career is successful but complicated this month. Your career planet is retrograde and there is a solar eclipse on the 25th in your 10th house. There are many changes brewing here – shocks and upheavals – and yet you need to do more homework to make sure the changes you make are the correct ones. Probably you will change your career planning and strategy now. Things have not been as you thought, and now you find out the truth and can make the appropriate changes.
Health is more delicate after the 23rd as well. So by all means handle your career demands, but keep your focus on the essentials – let the trivia go. You can enhance your health by paying more attention to your heart (all month), your colon, bladder and sexual organs (until the 23rd), and your liver and thighs thereafter. Metaphysical healing is very powerful all month. Detox regimes are still good until the 23rd. Take a reduced schedule after the 23rd, and especially around the eclipse period.
The solar eclipse of the 25th happens in your 10th house and thus brings career changes – also job changes. There are shake-ups in your corporate hierarchy and industry. Those who employ others will see employee turnover and drama in the lives of employees. Thre are dramas in the lives of parents, parent figures, bosses and authority figures. Probably there will be a crisis in your local government. Low vitality during this period could cause changes in your health regime and diet. The good news here is that the eclipse will blast away many barriers to your upward mobility. Things that you saw as obstructions are no longer there. There is a whole new ‘career landscape’ to deal with.
Be more patient with your beloved from the 1st to the 3rd. Most disagreements can be solved by compromise. If you don’t see a solution right away, wait a few days. It will come. Your partner or current love seems successful this month as well. He or she seems to want to call the shots – be in charge – and this could be the cause of conflict as well. Social contacts and support are important financially after the llth. Much of your socializing has to do with business. You tend to socialize with the people you do business with.

Horoscope 2018

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