Horoscope Pisces May 2021

Predictions Pisces May 2021

The party is far from over, Pisces, only pausing for a bit and regrouping. Some guests are leaving and others coming to take their place. Keep the champagne on ice.
Though you are very much in charge of your own destiny, the retrograde of Neptune suggests a review of your personal goals and your creations. Perhaps some of your desires were unrealistic or motivated by hubris rather than true happiness. Now is a good time to take stock and refine and fine-tune your plans. Perhaps there has been too much of the good life and you need to slim down a bit.
Your career offers and opportunities, foreign trips, publishing ventures and dealings with college or university administrators should be put on hold or researched more carefully. Get as many facts as you can first.
In spite of the retrogrades, the main thrust of your life is forward. Your health is excellent until the 21st, after which you should rest and relax more. Your self-esteem and confidence are strong, but not as strong as last month. If there is a health problem chances are it is a result of being overtired, or not in harmony with siblings and neighbours. Clear these issues up and chances are good that your condition will also clear up. And, even if the services of a health professional are needed the healing will proceed more quickly and easily if you clear up domestic problems at the same time. No serious long-term health problems on the horizon, though.
Finances are strong. Money is earned through sales, marketing and promotional activities. It is very important to use the media wisely and get the word out about your product or service. Media activities are successful. The pursuit of intellectual interests – aside from being personally satisfying – also has bank-balance implications now. Courses, seminars, newspapers and journals bring important financial information. Even a bit of trivia can bring a wealth of ideas. After the 24th you spend more on the home and perhaps on property. Money comes through family connections and perhaps from a material gift from a parent.
Love will find you as you pursue your financial and intellectual goals. Love is close to home, in the neighbourhood. Those already in relationships are more possessive now. Your lover or partner is supporting your financial goals and bringing financial opportunities your way. Singles are interested in lovers who can provide material security. Intellectual communication becomes more of a turn on after the 15th.

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