Horoscope Pisces March 2021

Predictions Pisces March 2021

A happy month in a happy year. Optimism and enthusiasm abound. You will be a doing a lot of travelling this year with Jupiter in your own Sign, but foreign trips need more careful study and research after the 8th as Pluto is retrograde. Likewise with educational opportunities. Make sure you’re getting what you pay for and that you understand what you’re getting into.
Birthday presents are larger than expected. Your earning power is getting stronger and stronger as the month goes by. Again be careful of overspending. Investors are more speculative and more into profit-taking right now. You find you have less patience for sitting tight and letting profits ride. Mars and Saturn in your 2nd House of Money are at odds with each other. Mars urges you to speculate and make a financial killing, while Saturn urges the avoidance of risk and thinking long term. A combination of both strategies will work best this month. Many of you feel that you can create your own wealth and opportunities after the 20th. Many of you are starting your own business ventures – going independent. This is a good time for it, too. If you have a choice, incorporate before the 13th.
The planets are overwhelmingly in the Eastern sector of your chart, indicating that you are in a period of making karma rather than paying off karma. That is, you have freedom to act and an ability to set your own goals into motion without relying on others. You are creating conditions rather than adapting to them. With Jupiter in your own Sign all year you are probably creating grandly and opulently.
Though this is a wonderful career year, Pluto’s retrograde on the 8th shows that certain career developments need to be put on hold or need time to develop. They will come to fruition in due course. Just be patient.
Your health is excellent all month. Your self-esteem and self-confidence are strong and your personal magnetism and charisma are high, but Mercury’s retrograde on the 27th shows cautiousness in love – in spite of the fact that you are attracting the opposite sex in droves. Give love time. Let love go through its tests and trials. The Lunar Eclipse of the 13th occurs in your House of Romance and Marriage, reinforcing the upheavals in your love life. Love issues will straighten out next month.

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