Horoscope Pisces June 2021

Predictions Pisces June 2021

Rest and relax more until the 21st. It is only to be expected that after so much career and personal advancement there is more resistance from others, power struggles with competitors, and jockeying for position at your company. The waves are stormy but they will subside by the 21 st. To quote the City pundits, you are only in a short-term correction in a long-term Bull Market. You are pausing so that you can reach new heights after the 21st.
Saturn’s move from Aries into Taurus is a very harmonious aspect for you. It creates new friendship opportunities and openings through groups and organizations. It also brings more financial confidence and less of a need to hoard and husband resources. Presumably, after two years you have learned Saturn’s lessons and can now move on to other things. But don’t throw away your budgets or sell off your long-term investment portfolio just yet. Saturn will return to your Money House on 25th October and stay there for another few months.
But, for now, you are earning more and spending more and there is a great sense of financial freedom. Your psychological understanding and empathy for people’s feelings plays a role in finances this month. Perhaps your manner attracts a customer or friend of the family. Or perhaps you see why so and so is blocking a project and how to handle it. Be careful of overspending on the home this month – the temptations are great.
Saturn in Taurus is going to highlight relations with siblings and neighbours. These seem tense and burdensome and there are no short-term solutions. Truth and the correct attitude need to be developed in this area as time goes by. True and false duties must be discerned. Lawful responsibilities must be kept. Unlawful or illegitimate ones will go by the wayside. Tough choices will have to be made.
Your health is improving dramatically long term, but in the short term rest and relax more (until the 21st).

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