Horoscope Pisces June 2018

Health is much more delicate now than last month. Between 40 and 50 per cent of the short-term planets will make stressful aspects on you. Not only that, but there are two strong eclipses on you this tfnonth. Take it easy until the 21st, but especially around th^eclipse periods.
You can enhance your health by paying more attention to your lungs, arms and shoulders (until the 21st) and to your stomach and breasts (if you are female) after then. Diet is important after the 21st as well. Though there are many short-term challenges this month – things that irritate and annoy – good humour, a smile, a loose non-attached attitude to life will also improve your health. A creative hobby would be therapeutic after the 21st as well.
The solar eclipse of the 1st occurs in your 4th house (a very powerful house this month). Thus it brings family crisis. Long-simmering issues that have been swept under the rug can no longer be held down and they come up for resolution. Be more patient with family members and parent figures during this period. Probably there are dramatic events happening in their lives. If there are flaws in your home, this is when you find out about them and thus can make corrections. (True, it’s inconvenient, but if these problems were allowed to fester, it would be even more inconvenient later on.) The solar eclipse can affect the health and health regimes – so refer to our earlier discussion. Job changes are also likely. This can be within the same company or with other companies.
We see job and career changes happening around the lunar eclipse of the 15th as well This one occurs in your 10th house of career. Aside from job or career change, it shows upheavals in the hierarchy – the upper management of your company – or the industry that you are involved in. It brings more drama in the lives of parents, parent figures or bosses. This eclipse brings dramatic events in the lives of children (or those who play this role in your life).
Home, family and emotional issues are a major interest this month. Your 4th house is very strong. So, as mentioned, you are digesting your past as well. In a certain sense the solar eclipse of the 1st will help you in this process. It will ‘force up’ old traumas that are still active, or unresolved in the consciousness, so that you can come to terms with them. When these memories come up, try not to ‘identify’ with them. Just observe them in a detached way. The act of observation will often transform them. If, however, they are too strong, an outside therapist who is more impersonal can help you resolve them. You will benefit from a therapist’s ‘neutral’ perspective. It will be easier to see these things in a more impersonal way.
We need not be prisoners of the past. The universe is fresh and new at every moment. In your higher consciousness it is always a new day, a new now. The higher consciousness is not bound by the past no matter how bad it was.

Horoscope 2018

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