Horoscope Pisces July 2021

Predictions Pisces July 2021

With the tide of life carrying you in happy directions there is no need now for self-assertion, personal control or power struggles. Relax and let the flow of events guide you. This is one of your happiest months in a very happy year. This, in spite of the increased retrograde activity going on.
With so much career progress and personal expansion happening of late it is probably good that Jupiter is now beginning to retrograde. This will allow you to explore opportunities that you may have overlooked in your headlong expansion. Personal pleasures which you may have neglected are now being rejuvenated.
This is a party month, a time to enjoy life in a carefree way. Foreign travel opportunities will come but you should research them quite thoroughly, especially after the 17th. If you don’t need to travel, don’t. There is plenty of amusement right here at home. Domestic travel seems happier than foreign travel.
Let your career develop behind the scenes. Let relations with elders, parents and government officials germinate. Don’t force things one way or another. If you can avoid important decisions with these people, do so. If you can avoid confrontation, do so. Time, not your own actions, will resolve these things.
An excellent financial month. Financial conservatism has fallen by the wayside temporarily and a speculative, free- spending, more risk-taking mentality reigns. Speculations are favourable – especially in property or industries that deal with the home and home furnishings. Investors might be attracted to silver – both the commodity and silver stocks. Money is earned effortlessly and joyfully. Financial ideas come while you’re relaxed, being creative or at a party or playground. Creative projects prosper. Painters, musicians and other performing artists have a strong month. Pursue joy; money will follow.
Love is happy as well. Is a current relationship only physical or something more? You’ll find out one way or another after the 31st. A wedding or divorce should be scheduled for before the 31st.

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