Horoscope Pisces July 2019

Many of the trends that we wrote of last month are still very much in effect. The element of Water is still very powerful (especially until the 22nd). You are still in the midst of a yearly (and perhaps life time) personal pleasure peak until the 22nd too. Life is good these days. Are there a few challenges? You bet. But the good things – the harmony -are much stronger. When problems arise you have plenty of help in dealing with them.
Jupiter is making beautiful aspects to Neptune this month. This brings good career opportunities to you. You have the favour of bosses, elders, parents, parent figures and those who are the authority figures in your life. If you have issues with these people (or the government) now is the time to deal with them. You should get best case scenarios this period.
You are meeting new and powerful friends and they seem helpful in your career. Your management ability, your ability to manage your own affairs and those of others, is much stronger now. You just have an innate knack for it. Career seems enjoyable. You manage to have fun as you pursue your career path. Many of you will find careers that are more fun-filled as well.
Health is excellent all month. The main danger now is overindulgence in the good life. Weight could be a problem. Indulge, but don’t overindulge! You can enhance the health by giving more attention to the stomach and the diet until the 22nd. Women should give more attention to the breasts as well. After the 22nd give more attention to the heart.
Finances are good this month. You have the financial favour of a parent or parent figure. You are spending on the home and family and can earn from here as well. Family connections are also important financially. Mars will travel with Jupiter from the 19th to the 24th – a very strong finan­cial period. A nice payday is happening. This could come in the form of a pay rise (bosses are supportive of your finan­cial goals) or though luck in speculations. Personal creativity is more marketable this period. You have the financial favour of friends. Online activities boost the bottom line. It will also be good to get involved with groups and organiza­tions.
Love is good but seems to lack direction until the 21st. Mercury, your love planet, is retrograde. Be more patient with the beloved from the 17th to the 24th. He or she is apt to be more temperamental. He or she should stay out of harm’s way that period too. There are life-changing events happening for the beloved and love will be tested that period.
On May 21 the planetary power began to shift from the East to the social West. Your period of personal indepen­dence is over with. Now and for the next few months, you have to live with what you created and adapt as best you can to conditions. Happily you seem comfortable and this adapt­ing doesn’t seem a problem. You are in a period where you don’t ‘make’ things happen, but rather you ‘allow’ them to occur. Your good is already prepared and it is just a matter of getting out of the way and allowing its manifestation. Your social skills are important these days.