Horoscope Pisces January 2019

You begin your year with most of the planets in the upper half of the Horoscope. Though you have passed your yearly career peak (this happened last month) you will have a mini peak after the 19th. Home and family is still very important, but you can shift more attention and energy to the career. The best way to serve your family now is to be successful in the outer world. There is success happening after the 19th. Job seekers have fabulous opportunities. You have the financial favour of bosses, elders, parents and parent figures all month, but especially from the 3rd to the 5th. Specu­lations are favourable that period as well. A nice payday happening.
Most of the planets are now in the Eastern sector of the self and self-interest. Thus you are now in a period of personal independence. You have more personal power. Other people are always important, but they can’t interfere too much with what you want to do or create. You can have your way these days and your way seems the best way. So, if conditions are not satisfying, change them – create what does satisfy you. Your personal independence is getting stronger over the next few months; the world is ready to adapt to you.
Almost all of the planets are moving forward. Things happen quickly. There is much forward progress towards your goals and in the world at large. Normally this would be a great time for starting new projects, but it’s best to wait
until your birthday. Your personal solar cycle is still in its waning phase right now. On your birthday your solar cycle will start to wax.
The career aspects are very good after the 19th, although they are reasonably even before that date. However, your career planet is still retrograde until the 30th. You still need to do more homework on career matters, especially on new offers or opportunities. Jupiter is also square to Neptune towards the end of the month and this shows much behind-the-scenes activity. Things are not as they seem and you need to do more research and get more facts.
Love is basically good this month. Singles are not likely to marry, but there are romantic opportunities. The social life seems harmonious. Until the 19th romantic opportuni­ties happen as you get involved with groups, group activities and friends. The online world also brings romantic opportu­nity. After the 19th, love becomes more spiritual, more idealistic. Romantic opportunities happen in spiritual settings, at the yoga class or spiritual retreat, the meditation seminar, the prayer meeting, the spiritual lecture or charity event. Many love developments are happening behind the scenes. You might not see them outwardly just yet, but progress is happening. Health is good.